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FAQ - Paladium Nightclub Sports Bar & Lounge Paladium Nightclub Sports Bar & Lounge


Club Rental Frequently Asked Questions

1- How may people can the Paladium hold: the Paladium can hold 600+ people comfortable?

2- How big if the dance floor? The Paladium has 2 huge dance floors.

3- Is an in-house catering service offered? Yes, we can provide you with food in any style, you choose your own menu or you can bring your own food/ catering service.

4- Are tables, chairs, dinnerware, and linens supplied? Yes, the Paladium has anything you night need for your event and more.

5- Is this site an appropriate one for live music? Is there proper space, wiring, and equipment? Yes, we even have a stage with a premium sound system, optimum for live music. We also have special lighting effects that you can use for your event.

6- How many hours is the site available for? Is there a minimum you must meet? Are there charges if the reception runs overtime? The Paladium can be used for as may hours as you need depending on availability, there is no minimum time required.

7- Is there a separate room where you can change into your going away clothes? Yes

8- What is the layout of the tables? How many people can seat at the tables? There are 2 table sections. They can sit up to 200 people.

9- Will your deposit be returned in the event of cancellation? Your deposit will become a credit; it will be used for the party’s new date.

10- What types of meal service are offered? Sit Down? Buffet? We can provide your food in any serving style.

11- Are there several meal options? Do they specialize in any particular cuisine? We could provide you with: Italian, Latin, Mexican, Spanish, Mediterranean, Jewish, French…It depends on what you want.

12- Can the Paladium provide a DJ for my event? The Paladium is a nightclub, we have many DJ’s in our staff, we could provide you with a truly professional DJ for a fraction of what you would pay somewhere else; Our DJ’s could play (Disco, Reggae, Latin, Dance, Hip-hop, Hustle, Brazilian…..) any style.

13- Does the Paladium have liquor for party? The Paladium has 3 bars filled with the most popular liquors.

14- What staff could I have for my event? The Paladium could provide you with Bartenders, Hostess, Waitresses, Servers, DJ’s and Security – any kind of staff your event demands at a very low price.

15- How do we pay for everything? Everything that you might need for event can be provided (Alcohol, Food, DJ, Servers, Bartenders, etc) will be included in one low price.

TEL 954-532-5871